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It's a Kill or Be Killed World by ScarlietNight It's a Kill or Be Killed World :iconscarlietnight:ScarlietNight 21 8 Merciless Reference by ScarlietNight Merciless Reference :iconscarlietnight:ScarlietNight 9 3 Marina by ScarlietNight Marina :iconscarlietnight:ScarlietNight 15 22 Flare by ScarlietNight Flare :iconscarlietnight:ScarlietNight 15 7 Salty Salt by ScarlietNight Salty Salt :iconscarlietnight:ScarlietNight 23 11 RainWing-SeaWing Design by Over-the-Based-Line RainWing-SeaWing Design :iconover-the-based-line:Over-the-Based-Line 20 13 Ember by Over-the-Based-Line Ember :iconover-the-based-line:Over-the-Based-Line 20 9 North by Over-the-Based-Line North :iconover-the-based-line:Over-the-Based-Line 10 11 Persistence by Over-the-Based-Line Persistence :iconover-the-based-line:Over-the-Based-Line 43 21 Nimjay by Over-the-Based-Line Nimjay :iconover-the-based-line:Over-the-Based-Line 25 10 Moonbli Family: Christmas Special by 101dragontrainer Moonbli Family: Christmas Special :icon101dragontrainer:101dragontrainer 8 2 Merry Christmas by ryky Merry Christmas :iconryky:ryky 2,063 40 Colors of the day (video) by ryky Colors of the day (video) :iconryky:ryky 3,006 42 Icon Comish - Sharp Blues by TwilightSaint Icon Comish - Sharp Blues :icontwilightsaint:TwilightSaint 184 23 Shooting Stars {G} by MaximusDraws Shooting Stars {G} :iconmaximusdraws:MaximusDraws 16 43 {G} Delta by MaximusDraws {G} Delta :iconmaximusdraws:MaximusDraws 10 15

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Sandshifter by Starlight-SterioWing Sandshifter :iconstarlight-steriowing:Starlight-SterioWing 6 1 Morning walk by Starlight-SterioWing Morning walk :iconstarlight-steriowing:Starlight-SterioWing 4 5 Thats right... by Starlight-SterioWing Thats right... :iconstarlight-steriowing:Starlight-SterioWing 7 5 american scaled wings by Starlight-SterioWing american scaled wings :iconstarlight-steriowing:Starlight-SterioWing 5 3 *sigh* by Starlight-SterioWing *sigh* :iconstarlight-steriowing:Starlight-SterioWing 9 2
Clash of Steel
“Three targets marked, they haven’t left their position yet Ace.” Spear radioed.
The VK28.01’s optics outlined the sight of one tank destroyer and two heavy tanks, slowly laying more fire down from their position. They were hull-down and only the heavies’ turrets could be seen over the hill line. Spear’s crosshairs locked onto the tank destroyer, aiming reticule reduced to minimum shot dispersion. Yet he did not fire. Granted his 105mm gun could easily lob a high-explosive round over that distance and land a hit square on the TD’s gun mantle, damaging it and possibly even blinding it’s gunnery optics. But take the shot, and everyone would know where he would be, and he’d have to lose track of all three targets.
A high-velocity shot screamed across the open grass and collided with one of the heavies’ turrets, ricocheting off and into the rock ledge beside the heavy. A shiny steel gouge in the bulk of the turret face armor shown
:iconstarlight-steriowing:Starlight-SterioWing 3 1
Fantasy fun? by Starlight-SterioWing Fantasy fun? :iconstarlight-steriowing:Starlight-SterioWing 4 5 le titlest title by Starlight-SterioWing le titlest title :iconstarlight-steriowing:Starlight-SterioWing 7 7 Gen 1. by Starlight-SterioWing Gen 1. :iconstarlight-steriowing:Starlight-SterioWing 9 8 Battle at day's last light... by Starlight-SterioWing Battle at day's last light... :iconstarlight-steriowing:Starlight-SterioWing 7 1 New Adventures Await by Starlight-SterioWing New Adventures Await :iconstarlight-steriowing:Starlight-SterioWing 5 1 Legends to be known by Starlight-SterioWing Legends to be known :iconstarlight-steriowing:Starlight-SterioWing 4 1 SURPRISE!! by Starlight-SterioWing SURPRISE!! :iconstarlight-steriowing:Starlight-SterioWing 4 1 I has no words :3 by Starlight-SterioWing I has no words :3 :iconstarlight-steriowing:Starlight-SterioWing 4 8
Morning clash
The attacks began.
The enemy began making their move.
And we were ready for them this time.
Hill-303, artillery camp. 9:00
The sound of distant rifle shots opened up as the clash began. The enemy was storming the first trenches in mass. The sounds of fierce battle roars and horrifying last cries created an up roar of conflict. They were pushing hard, forcing the friendly forces to retreat. But it was all as planned as the enemy flooded in, the positioned guns were loaded and ready to rain fire.
“Target bearing grid 4-2-7-2, stand by for fire!” The artillery officer called.
He watched as the numbers of gun crews began adjusting the heavy guns to their designated coordinates. One of the gun grew loaders from each station raised a fist in the air when the gun was ready, only seconds later were all stations ready for orders.
“All guns fire!” The officer called before covering his ears.
The crew captains responded and the guns began to light off. Each howitzer re
:iconstarlight-steriowing:Starlight-SterioWing 1 3
Another shot of the D-17 by Starlight-SterioWing Another shot of the D-17 :iconstarlight-steriowing:Starlight-SterioWing 2 4


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United States
Just a fun little dragon you get to see...

(icon belongs to Bleu-Fox. chech them out!)
(Profile pic belongs to StarWarriors. be sure to go visit their art gallery!)
WorldofTanks player

Hello there! welcome to my Deviant Art page! i'm glad to see you stopped by, feel free to look around, i'm not the best at keeping everything organized though. I love writing story fragmentations and action scenes as well as taking World of Tanks photography! i'm not exactly an artist but I do have a few random drawings laying around. If you happen to like what you see, feel free to comment! it is much appreciated, just preferred minimal negative comments please !:)
if you want to talk about something, PM me or leave a comment on my page and i'll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible!

I have a small YouTube account and twitch, but don't stream that much gaming content anymore. I also have steam for a gaming platform, but it's mostly for playing with friends or a communications center.
Want to chat? or just have a live talk? I do have Skype, just ask and we can work something out!

I'm a BIG wings of fire or dragonfan, so you might see me collect a lot of WoF or dragon art. I also enjoy military, mostly WWII, or modern ships and tanks.

come back and visit again sometime! :D

________,88P_____________ Dragons
_______d888*_____________Unite !
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_______________**88b.`*88 side!
_________________88888b.` For Ever!
__________________)888888 For the
_________________,88888*_ Dragons!



Yup, just a list thats gonna try and be kept up to date, since it will likely be added onto.
planned requested comissions to come

-Rhyno(? need info if those are an option)
-Ningaella3 (?)
-Azure law 
  • Listening to: Some war music or chill...
  • Reading: DA Journals
  • Watching: my life become a lie
  • Playing: WorldofTanks and/or Battlefield1
  • Eating: snak fud!
  • Drinking: Soda or water



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they're kinda trash, but I try
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Thanks for the fav~
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