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“Nah, we got this one.” Roger called into the radio. He looked back at Friedrich who grinned back before tagging in.

“We’ll let you muddys know if we need any sky fire.”
Roger packed the radio back up and slung it back over his shoulder and grabbing his rifle. Gun fire already erupting from the mountain trenches as the enemy began their uphill assault.

“Remember boys! Don’t let them get too close but don’t spray and pray, they have all the rocks to hide behind on the way up!” The commander shouted from the back of the trench in the spotting roost.

As the battle cries of enemies began to rise so did the tan-brown and green camo uniformed soldiers below. Desperately rushing up hill and taking cover where they could. A gun team of two set up a portable LMG on a boulder and loaded a belt before opening fire with the main infantry.

“Come on lads! Let’s show jimmy who they’re confronting eh?!” Roger shouted, his thick accent sticking out.

At the field sergeant’s remark, the heavy gun turrets aimed downward and erupted, rippling with bursts of rapid fire down at the enemy. The riflemen popped their heads over the trench wall and too aim, popping shots off at the enemy who slowly advanced. The men suddenly hid back beside the trench wall as tracers riddled the rocks, bullets sweeping the top. Then in one sound whistle, they all stopped with the enemy’s screaming. A spotter looked over the top with his telescopic sights.

“They’re taking cover…” He said in a confused voice that slowly trailed off as whistling filled the air. No one moved, no one spoke, but all heads looked up to the skies as heavy artillery tracers cut over the sun and streaked just above the trenches. It all seemed to happen in slow motion; the shots impact the mountain side and erupted, causing massive cascades of rock to begin falling. Men started yelling and scrambling around the trenches as the rocks fell, and began crushing the trenches. More artillery poured in on top of the trenches as well jetting out rocks and boards and beams and sending soldiers flying into the air.

Friedrich looked up in horror before feeling a violent jolt underneath him as he was sent up into the air, the eruption ringing in his ear. As he landed, he began rolling down the hill only to slam into an outcropping rock and blacking out.


When he awoke, Friedrich found himself leaning against a tree, still on the mountain. Rock and debris lay around him, it was night but the glow of a nearby set up enemy camp indicated he needed to get out fast. He winced and gritted his teeth from the pain that shot up his back and throbbed in his head and left foot when he moved. As he managed to pull himself to sitting on a boulder, he checked around him again before inspecting his foot. It must have been broken, it hurt intensely when moved or pressured. His helmet was missing, but his uniform seemed alright, not too many major rips in it.

Friedrich started making his way up the mountain slowly back to the erased trenches. About ten minutes into his journey the sounds of footsteps drew his attention and he quickly hid behind a tree, looking through the dark for the source of the steps. He spotted a pair of enemy assault troopers on patrol moving in his direction. He did his best to slow his breathing, pulling out his side arm. He gripped the pistol tight and risked another glance. There were more than two of them. It was a large patrol, maybe five enemies. But something moved in the shadows it looked like. Or maybe it was just his hallucinating.

Friedrich took another step, moving around the tree slowly. As he took another step, his foot landed on a loose rock which slipped out. Friedrich suddenly grabbed the tree, taking in a fast breath and shuffling to regain his balance. But in the process gave his location to the enemy who began to look for him, it did not take them long.

One of the troopers shouted to the others before firing two shots off at Friedrich, who quickly crouched and rolled out. Taking quick aim, He planted two shots into one of the soldiers, killing him. The others now knew where he was exactly and opened fire, taking cover behind trees and rocks. Another soldier moved out to take a shot and Friedrich put two shots into his chest, but the shots only pushed him back into hiding. The trooper was wearing armored plating. Suddenly, one of the soldiers screamed as the sound of a tree breaking and falling off to the side disrupted the gun fight. More screams sounded and automatic fire burst from the troopers as something big quickly moved.

When Friedrich looked around, he saw a massive shadowed figure move, flashes of black and dark green scales shown before disappearing again. A long tail suddenly whipped out of the darkness and whacked one of the soldiers into a tree the sharp tail tip dragged against his chest, causing a killing cut. The beast killed the last enemy and then silence fell. Friedrich was still for a moment before crawling out of his hiding place and looking around at the men who were dead around him. He looked in all directions before the sounds of rushing feet drew his attention. Another enemy came running up and instantly spotted him. He called out and opened fire, but as his gun swing around to face Friedrich, something warm and damp clamped around him. He felt teeth along his legs and took a moment to realize what had just occurred. Friedrich began kicking his legs and trying to move his arms, banging on the roof of the beasts mouth.

“What the bloody hell! Let me out!” He screamed. His thrashing was slowed as the beasts mouth clamped tight for a moment. Friedrich’s head ran down a list of memory and stared trying to fit a puzzle. The monster’s lower jaw had clearly appeared to unhinge itself like a snake’s, it did have scales, but the teeth and tail weren’t right to be a snake’s. The scaled beast suddenly released the clamp again. Friedrich kicked again and called out to be released only to be stilled and silenced by an irritated muffled response.

“Oh will you SHUF UPF! Im nof going toh eaf you! Stufid trenchfers!” It growled back at him.

Gripping down on his boots and sweeping him off the ground. With a sudden whooshing noise, they had become airborne and flew quickly out of the location.

It was a little bit before they landed again, the glow of a camp showing through its jaws. As they settled, Friedrich heard the noises of friendly troops around him but couldn’t feel the ground when righted. Instead the beast grabbed its lower jaw and slowly extended it so the sharp serrated inward-curved teeth wouldn’t catch. “Waf yourfelf.” It hissed as the feeling of talons grabbing Friedrich’s legs and slowly pulling him out grabbed his attention. Once his legs touched ground again, he felt the beast quickly retract its mouth. But Friedrich was still a little dampened from the saliva. When he looked around, He saw friendly troops moving around. A pair of medics and a sergeant approached him.

“Welcome back Friedrich, although I wish it were on happier terms. I’ll have to apologize for the transportation means, but you best give Corsa her thanks she greatly deserves.” The sergeant said, nodding to behind him.

“Corsa?” Friedrich sputtered.

He turned to see what looked like the thinnest snake-like dragon he had ever seen. She was an iridescent midnight black and purple-blue with camo-like patterns of emerald and olive green. Her wings were massive but what was more stunning was that her arms legs and especially tail were incredibly long. Her back was lined with small razor sharp crests and her tail was whip thin from the tip to about six feet up and was perhaps the most flexible and longest blade he had seen for a tail. Her eyes were gold with black adjustable pupils. A pair of long fangs stuck out and her horns extended the length of her head past her webby crest where they slightly curved down. She looked back at him with a part glare, her tongue flicked in and out.

“T-thank you.” Friedrich stammered.

“Don’t mention it, because I won’t be doing it again.” She growled back, her voice gruff and irritated still but not cold.

Corsa grabbed her rank marks and strapped them back on her shoulders as well as other small gear. Friedrich’s eyes widened and he almost tried to snap to attention, but instead looked back at the sergeant in front of him.

“She’s an artillery Master Lieutenant?!” He asked, shocked.
That dragon had more rank than the man in front of him, and she had gone out and fetched HIM.

“Plus five years of special operations training, but yes. She’s a Prosha whip-tail. We are very fortunate to have her with us, and you are more than lucky she agreed to go find survivors and instead come back with you as the only survivor.”

[Bonus scene below]

-= The armored vehicles rolled up over the mound, one fired a shot across and struck one of the tank destroyers. The crew quickly began bailing out of the burning vehicle.
“Oh it is ON you tin cans!” Corsa trilled. She grinned as she snaked her way across the field rapidly before springing up and climbing onto the tank in front of her. She wrapped herself around the tank’s turret neck and began to tighten rapidly. Her muscles tensed as she squeezed the turret tighter, the sound of iron beneath her belly scales groaning from the pressure. Then with a sudden screeching noise, the turret was torn from its chassis, wrapped in Corsa’s coils. =-
Introducing another character. Corsa is a graduate volunteer who had gone under nine years of training before sent into action as rank Sargent.
She will hopefully be appearing more often soon.

so, yah, I haven't really wrote much recently but I had to get something out and Dismantle Reborn's scene was just not coming out right yet. so I managed to bring up a scene involving this new character. yes, the scene is a very simple cleche built scene and is probably boring as all hell, but meh, at least I got a little more hate out of my fingers.

also, this one was a build design inspired and built partly for DoctorAnders a dear friend of mine. doc, if you're reading this, its probably not what is expected, but I guess it's a start *hugs*
Reborn-Chan Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, I like her. That attitude, that fantastic shape and design! Would you be okay with me possibly drawing her out? She sounds amazing! That part with her just snapping up that poor soldier in her mouth! Oh man that was funny!

I'm sad, though, that the guy lost his team going up that mountain, I can't imagine how he's going to feel when it catches up to him that he's the only survivor, but Corsa... just... wow! You've got a great knack for thinking up and designing original dragons. I'd really like to know a little more background to this new species, not to take any awesomeness away from the writing done, your action scenes were and are a joy to read as always. Do you think you'll be doing a profile for the species in general eventually? That bonus scene at the end was another wow moment for me. The durability of her scales and strength of muscle must be just amazing on her kind to pop a turret from a tank.    

I hope you considering writing a scene or two with her again, she seems like a really fun character to get to know. :glomp: So happy to see a part of your world again, keep writing, Dragon! You got this! :w00t:
Starlight-SterioWing Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
considering Friedrich isn't that old it might settle hard, but it won't be like BattleshipGrey
if you would like you can try drawing Corsa, i'll share with you details on her extra features unless you just want to draw her out of uniform.

and a little assistance before if I ever make a profile for these dragons, Corsa's kind are incredibly strong and can easily crunch a large armored transport in their coils. and since they're a mountain range dweller, they are born with scales considered lighter and stronger than titanium. and are naturally blade proof and somewhat bulletproof.. in Corsa's case however she took one of the inoculations that can increase the effective scale strength, so in all aspects, Corsa is strong enough to easily survive being barraged by a 20mm cannon, or even being impact by a 40mm AP shell.
Reborn-Chan Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Doing the uniform and/or combat armor might be an interesting challenge. Fair warning though, if she has any gun mounts for large caliber guns things might be a bit slow to come together. Big guns have so many little details. =P

Corsa's people sound amazing. I'd love the chance to draw them! I'm interested in learning the physical characteristics of the dragons as well as the specs for the combat armor. I'm curious just how snake-like these dragons are. If you have some reference images that you think might help, please PM me some links! :D
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