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Yup, just a list thats gonna try and be kept up to date, since it will likely be added onto.
planned requested comissions to come

-Rhyno(? need info if those are an option)
-Ningaella3 (?)
-Azure law 
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yah, it's vent. so...

only 10 more days till this damned month is over. and hopefully, less gay/lesbian bullshit. i'm sorry to anyone who i offended, but for some reason i just really snapped and took a left turn about two weeks before June began. And no, im not a fan of gays/lesbians. In't my opinion they're messed up in the head to think its nice, and it really makes the artwork look... ruined. disastrous, like a gift thrown away...

Before i snapped for some bizarre reason, i was part of a wiki fandom for WoF that had completely gone to shit. But before i left not too long ago, the number of gays in there were steadily growing, which wasn't helping. But i used to be able to be nice, smile, and let it roll off my shoulders. At least one of my friends i still talk with from there is gay... considering he's told me personally and straight up said he loved me. I'd just smile and treat him as a close friend, but i did not agree to that idea. I was just there to help him and be there for him, so i have NO FUCKING IDEA why i snapped when i did, but it makes this month REALLY HARD!!

Seriously, it's just felt like Art Fail Suicide Emoticon and i still think it'd be better if i just didn't live in this world.
can't believe how bad it's gotten, common sense is absent beyond so many levels. People and society have been fucked up so bad that they just accept their blindness. Why should i continue to live in a place so horrid i can't hardly tell it from hell in about 30 years? Geez, i've never felt so happy to either take others' lives or just take my own and be done with it for the better.
games aren't any better to say the least. over here in America, everyone is practically screwed up big time, And that includes the gameplay. no teamwork, no kindness, no good fun. Hell even the developers don't care to fix the game's issues because they probably just want their $$$ more...

But games i can deal with, it doesn't get under the skin and make me feel this bad.
Yes, i religious, so thats part of how i'm not feeling comfy with gays and shit. its not ok, and its not right, innocent people who are blinded and turned into someone who thinks they're committing no crime, damned be the devils and their dirty work with that. its probably put a halt on several possible friends with me, which are honestly lacking. Feels like i've lost friends again this month...

I've been into WoF, big time, i still love them as perhaps the best dragon books so far. My personal favorites were the first five, the second "season" was loaded with adventure, but it really cut deep, and then everything took a left turn: tui made umber gay and darkstalker seem OP as fuck, so the fandom exploded there. i never though so many shippers could be so brain-dead. Now its beyond the levels of cringe to find WoF gay artwork, all of that awesome skill to make something so awesome, and then make it a disaster. a piece of ruined art. i'm ticked about it as much as i am heart broken. but i can't do shit about it, the world is dead pretty much. I'm not in the 1940s when things could be better.

So for now, im still upset, im still majorly depressed, and im still struggling. No gay artist or anyone who's related in thought would understand me because they'd probably only be narrow minded and consider this as just raw hate.
Haters gonna hate 
But if any of them do make it this far, im only ticked at the sin committed, not the person for it. I believe that a person can be greater, if they're opened up to see what they're doing wrong.
I'm just another person who's struggling to survive, im not necessarily your enemy... So the least you could do is understand that im in a lot of pain. if not, just don't say a damn thing...

Another thing about religion, it seems like a lot of the WoF and artists i've found on here were at least raised in a Christian family, some still say they're christian, but idk anymore if i want to believe them too much. Are they really keeping up? or just repeating a phrase and only being wolves in sheeps clothing? Either way, they need to get themselves straight soon... idk, its just hurtful to see someone who has a good idea in mind, but really isn't following it...

Anyhow, i gtg for now, but yah. had to get that out...

if u gonna hate, take it somewhere else, i don't need more of your shit.
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Alarms on board the Valiant blared as crew and shipmates ran around the massive hangars. Every minute or so you could hear the super carrier's massive battleship sized guns fire, barely rocking the enormous vessel as they hurtled their explosive charges on shore, destroying a targeted bunker or trench line. Towards the back of the carrier, a squadron of twin engine VCK-20 Sea Wasps were being readied for another bombing pass.
"Orders from the landing sir!" A communications officer reported.
"They've seized control of the first trench line, but are in need of additional armor support! Awaiting your orders captain."
The well trimmed and gruff expressioned captain watched from the right tower as the last CF9-F fighter roared down the runway, a pair of 250lb bombs tucked under it's wings. Finally, the captain turned to look to land, lifting his binoculars to scan the shoreline.
"Deploy one of the Strv's, a light-footed destroyer like that should help with the hills they're facing. We'll begin sending the medium tanks ashore by boat, but i'll have the Strv carried in. Notify Amber to ready up." The captain ordered
The officer saluted and rushed back to his station to contact the hangar.
"Amber, report to elevator two and ready for action! Armory, I need Glory ready for air drop at elevator two!" The officer radioed.


Amber shook her head in eagerness and confidence. She had run a good number of missions for this to be routine by now. After all, she was the only Titan Kite dragon on board the super carrier Valiant. She crawled forward, her head still ducking inside the carrier's tight second deck as the ship's aft blast doors dropped down. Daylight flooded in the open doors and the sight of open ocean and sky filled Amber's view as her eyes adjusted. She looked over and grinned at the heavy cruiser that defended the super carrier's aft, the powerful cruiser looked small compared to the Valiant. Amber took in a breath of fresh air which filled all four of her great lungs before exhaling in a sigh and crawling halfway out the doors; she twisted up and climbed onto the carrier's flight deck. As she did, the view of the armada entered her vision, a fleet of three battleships and seven cruisers along with the five destroyers scattered in between. All the big guns looking to shore as if watching the battle that raged past the beach head.
The second aft elevator was slowly rising, carrying her drop gear and Glory. Glory was a Strutzvagon Strv103B tank destroyer and support gun. She had carried the souled TD into battle before, so this would be no different for the knock-out gun either.
"Hello again, my fair land cannon." Amber said, crawling the rest of the way ontop of the deck and holding in place as crew began to fit her drop gear to her harnesses.
The Strv's engine up-tuned as it traversed around to look at the massive dragon.
"Greetings fair flyer." The Strv replied. The only indication that it was looking Amer in the face was the hatch optics bent upward and the heavy machinegun elevating ontop of the hatch.
"Ready for another flight, just don't drop us." The Strv spoke again. the static voice and heavy sweetish accent sticking out.
Amber only grinned and gave a small chuckle. "Relax, you know i won't drop you."
She looked down at her claws, admiring the armored grips and reinforced wrist cuffs. Finally, the crew pulled away and a small unit of about seven special forces soldiers climbed up ontop of Glory, settling themselves around her main hatches and HEAT shield.
Glory traversed again as if ready to take off the runway before Amber stepped over the top of the TD and stretching her wings, air filling as she pumped them to get the bulk of her weight off the deck. As she did, she slid both her talons between the Strv's suspension and added more strength, lifting the tank off the deck as well as herself. After clearing tower height Amber began for shore, wind whipping past her as she carried her cargo for the sandy beaches.


The sounds of war drew closer as the first trench entered view. The men and dragons on the ground either dug in or slowly rushing the open space between the two trench lines. Amber spotted a landing spot next to a knocked out pill box and began to slow down. As soon as the TD's weight was gone, Amber flew back up to view the field. Glory's engine whined and roared as she switched to siege mode and began to slowly assault a location, her main gun unleashing HE rounds as her hatch gun fired off bursts of glowing tracers across the trenches.
Amber knew all too well that an assaulting vehicle would be alerting any field guns or bunker turrets up ahead and began scanning for the guns. It didn't take her long to notice the first shots being fired at Glory from a field gun nest. The tow guns were tucked together under a camo net, their crews reloading. Amber dove on them from her location, impacting ontop of the trench near the guns before crushing them beneath her talons. The steel frames bent and snapped under the weight, knocking the guns out for good. A nearby gun fired, alerting the location of itself and its partner which was hastily being traversed to aim for Amber. She responded by fanning her tail and whipping it around, knocking both the guns back into the trenches.
Bullets from small arms fire riddled Amber's scales, but did nothing. The rapid buzzing of a machinegun caught Amber's attention and she quickly swing around to face the pill box. She assaulted the pill box, charging it before pumping her wings at full length once to launch herself in the air. Amber landed ontop of the concrete pill box, her forearms at length and her talons curled into fists together to show her armor. She smashed the roof of the bunker, but only weakened it. Concrete flying in all directions from the impact as a chunk of it's roof was blown apart.
"Gonna play rough are ya?" Amber grunted, then brought her head down and unleashed a blast of white flames into the pill boxes opening. The flames scorched anything inside to a crisp.
One last target caught Amber's eye. A coastal defense gun that was being readied in a nearby bunker. She wasted no time as the massive gun began to extend from it's port, readying to destroy. Amber leaped across the trench line and ripped up the ground as she slid to a halt around the side of the bunker, grabbing the coastal gun barrel in her jaws and pulling. There was a horrible snapping noise as the gun's pedestal was damaged internally. She released it for a moment as the enemy scrambled and fired seconds later. The recoil from the ruffled cannon blew the gun up and to the side, twisting it's self off it's own frame and putting it out of action. To top it off, Amber grabbed the gun again in her jaws and pulled one last time. Her grip on the gun squeezed the gun barrel, rendering it useless before it was wrenched out of the port some more. Concrete scattering out as the frame was torn free of its pedestal and in-lodged in the bunker's port.
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  • Reading: DA Journals
  • Watching: my life become a lie
  • Playing: WorldofTanks and/or Battlefield1
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- primary name: Erwin (you’ll never guess)

- alternate names: Dubstep Dragon, Dragon Kemp Bush, Jambu, Star, Sandshifter, hatcthling




- gender: Male

- pronouns: He/Him (I’d put in “It” for the fun but meh XP)

- birthday: July 21, 1991 (you’ll never know)

- zodiac sign: Scorpio





- height: 6’ 2”

- eye colour: Green, I believe its Olive

- hair colour: Blond-ish?

- tattoos?:  Nope

- piercings?: Nope

- favourite outfit: jeans, small t-shirt, leather jacket/coat or sweatshirt

- have you dyed your hair?: nope

- long or short hair?: Not too long, but for me, it’s a little lengthy.





- sexual orientation: Bi? hell if i know anymore

- romantic orientation: homosexual

- relationship status: burning

- romantic partner(s) (if applicable): none

- platonic partner(s) (if applicable): nope

- best friend(s): The list can extend, idk how many but only two or three are close and I only have about 4-5 who return the favor. The rest don’t know/care



personality/are you..

- nice or mean?: Try for nice

- honest or deceptive?: honest is best

- excitable or calm?: probably excitable, but I’ll try and calm down

- happy or discontent?: tight pull, mostly discontent but sometimes theres a speck of happiness.

- violent or relaxed?: try to be relaxed, but when it gets too far/serious, it looks violent

- good or evil?: they say im good, donno how much I’ll believe it.

- shy or outgoing?: mostly shy

- friendly or disagreeable?: try to be friendly, but its your decision





- tv show: don’t have one

- anime/cartoon: nope

- musician(s): theres a good number, but lets just throw out TwoStepsFromHell

- music genre: EDM, Epic, Orchestral… pretty much as long as it doesn’t have rap

- song: too many, but I’ll throw out MDK with Fingerbang

- author: Tui.T Sutherland or Donita K. Paul

- book/series: Wings of Fire

- comic: Dreamkeepers or WorldofTanks Roll Out

- youtuber: lets pick Quickybaby

- colour: Crimson

- weather: Sunny / chilled

- scent: Ignited Gunpowder

- store: Barnes & Nobles or the Airsoftoutlet

- season: Fall / Autumn

- holiday: Halloween (technically)

- time of day: Clear full-moon Night, early morning, evening

- character: Glory, but the list is big here too

- food: Cheeseburger :3





- religion: Christian, but im still struggling for myself.

- believe in magic?: Yes

- believe in an afterlife?: Yes

- believe in reincarnation?: maybe

- ghosts?: Yes

- angels and demons?: Yes

- karma?: Yes (it’s a b!tch)

- aliens?: maybe

- cryptids/urban legends?: not by much

- biggest fear: Shots, hospital, critical damage, slow death, loss of friends, failing… you get the bloody idea





- physical health: physically impossible

- mental health: real bad

- have you ever been hospitalized?: Yes

- broken a bone?: Nope… but im waiting…

  • Listening to: Some war music or chill...
  • Reading: DA Journals
  • Watching: my life become a lie
  • Playing: WorldofTanks and/or Battlefield1
  • Eating: snak fud!
  • Drinking: Soda or water
Burnt and bruised,
Wind gone south.
Flaming war behind a silent mouth.

Silent and safe,
So none will find.
Prying claws still try to read my mind.

Turned away,
Or reaching out.
They still won't hear me when I really shout.

Those that stay,
Who try to help.
Will never know the feelings i have felt.

Armor torn,
And fire out.
Whats left inside is what will never sprout.

Its only a glance i take that gives the shake,
And thunder that i endure.

So when the damage is done, the war not won,
I feel alone for sure.

But what others release, the damage increase,
Will only grow to be more.

Broken down,
Yet wishing for.
That i could be only so much more.

I try and help them,
And they to me.
Yet still in pain as if eternity.

Whats come of this place,
I don't want to see.
Oh please could you just erase my space.

I understand,
That others care.
But this is my fault for being there.

If i could disappear from time, nothing left of mine,
Then maybe things could finally settle.

But life is war,
Yet i cannot fight.
And save what i love forevermore.

Only few can see,
And fewer can know.
That I can no longer just be me.

I don't want to stay here more,
just close the door,
But thank you for all you've tried and done.

Why is it just too hard,
This game of life.
Or am i really gone...
  • Listening to: Some war music or chill...
  • Reading: DA Journals
  • Watching: my life become a lie
  • Playing: WorldofTanks and/or Battlefield1
  • Eating: snak fud!
  • Drinking: Soda or water
stolen from TheStarPlanet 

A- Angel or Devil?: probably angel since everyone says that, but I have some devil in me

B- Biggest Fear: living another year

C- Current Time: 12:35PM

D- Drink you last had: Sprite

E- Easiest Person To Talk to: They’re all hard, but probably Reborn-Chan and/or Jeb-CC 

F- Favorite Song: too many

G- Ghosts, are they real: perhaps…

H- Homestate: Alumni Tank Academy in the place you’ll never find

I- In love with: JebCC and Sahel, but shut up about it, I love too many other people but not in the romantic way

J- Jealous of: A good friend’s popularity I guess…

K- Killed Someone?: If I can hit the target, I wouldn’t mind.

L- Last time you cried?: probably when I went for a walk to the woods, had a lot on my mind

M- Middle Name: hint = it’s the same as this letter ;)

N- Number of Siblings: does a Ender Dragon plushy count?

O- One Wish: That everyone would forget about me so I can leave this planet (at this point)

P- Person who you last called: Headshot (friend)

Q- Question you're always asked: idk, probably “how old are you?”

R- Reason to smile: theres a reason to?

S- Song last sang: Praise the Lord and pass the Ammunition

T- Time you woke up: almost 11 AM

U- Underwear Color: Grey & Black

V- Vacation Destination: Australia or Bovinton UK.

W- Worst Habit: Overthinking and talking as well as many other things

X- X-Rays you've had: idk, I had a hand full back when I was like 5-6, and then like, a dozen for jaw surgery.

Y- Your favorite food: Helvetica Burger or Tregger Burger

Z- Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

  • Listening to: Some war music or chill...
  • Reading: DA Journals
  • Watching: my life become a lie
  • Playing: WorldofTanks and/or Battlefield1
  • Eating: snak fud!
  • Drinking: Soda or water
due to the upcoming month's designated celebration. im probably going to be minimizing my time on here... 
  • Listening to: Some war music or chill...
  • Reading: DA Journals
  • Watching: my life become a lie
  • Playing: WorldofTanks and/or Battlefield1
  • Eating: snak fud!
  • Drinking: Soda or water
tagged by Jeb-CC 
and we're off!


-Write the rules in your journal entry if you are tagged.

-Write 13 things about yourself.

-Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.

-Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know they are tagged.

-Don't say "You're tagged if you read this".

-It is forbidden not to tag anyone.


13 things about myself:
-I have an electric type writer that can erase in my room
-I get nervous easily
-I have major anxiety and depression issues, but for some reason worry about others more, claiming that its not worth the wasted time to try and fix myself. Still believe it and still am not fixed.
-I’m scared out of my skin by snakes, but still find small ones and drawn versions cute
-I have the worst luck with games anyone could believe, and still am trying to keep any game rage at bay
-I get dreams that i can remember for a long time, if played to the right music. Its kinda cringy
-I use some sort of military/game terminology to describe my condition and such, referring to myself as a type of machine.
-My past is pretty bad
-My head tends to wander off without me
-There is very very little about me that is unique or useful
-I often come up with ideas that are never put into action
-My allergies aren’t as bad as others
-I often play around with my WWII Mauser rifle if I get too bored or stressed.


13 questions to answer:
#1. Have you ever traveled internationally?

#2. What trait makes someone attractive to you?
lol. I have none

#3. What's your sexuality?
I guess im referred to as homosexual, but I consider myself (and try to work on) bi…

#4. What is the thing you struggle the most with drawing?
Space and detail

#5. Do you have a favourite OC of mine? XP
May!!! :D

#6. Do you wear glasses/contact lenses? If so, which one do you prefer?
I used to wear glasses.

#7. What's your favourite kind of weather?
preferably sunny, but not too hot

#8. What is your most played game?
probably Worldoftanks. Who knows how many hours and such I’ve put into it.

#9. What is your take on public speaking? Fun or not so fun? XD
HELL NO!! *hides under wing*

#10. Do you have any fears/phobias?
too many to count.

#11. What trait do you absolutely loathe in a person?
the amount of modern stupidity and lack of common sense. I just wanna die

#12. Do you have any medical conditions?
as far as im aware, no. but I don’t go to a doctor to check, so I probably do.

#13. What's your MBTI type? (If you have one)
idk… :3


My 13 questions:
1- What country were you born in?
2- How often are you online?
3- What’s your favorite activity?
4- Favorite color?
5- Chocolate, Vanilla, or Sherbert? :3
6- Do you have a favorite type of desert?
7- How often do you play with friends irl?
8- What is the best thing in the world to you?
9- Do you have a preferred style of clothing?
10- Would you help someone to understand your point of view, or rather just hate them and not worry about it?
11- What do you do when you get scared?
12- Do you have a favorite meme? :3
13- What sort of movie/story did you see/read that made you feel like you were the main character in some way?

people tagged:
Jeb-CC (tag back for the lolz. you don't have to do it or only complete the questions if you'd like)
(only 7 because lack of many things)
(you do not have to do this if you don't want to)

  • Listening to: Some war music or chill...
  • Reading: DA Journals
  • Watching: my life become a lie
  • Playing: WorldofTanks and/or Battlefield1
  • Eating: snak fud!
  • Drinking: Soda or water
I figured i'd look into something that gets my attention often, and you'll soon find out why.
Yep, its military again. Realms' navy to be exact. so, ima kick it off with a list.
(P.S. when you read "Catching the eye" its probably the cringiest)

Vessel classes-

Patrol boat
Anti-Submarine boat
Search and Rescue boat

Destroyer Escort (Mini Destroyer)
Offensive Destroyer
Anti-Air Destroyer
Sub Hunter Destroyer

Light Cruiser
Offensive Cruiser
Fast Response medical Cruiser
Escort Cruiser
Main Battle Cruiser
Airborne Cruiser
Defensive Cruiser
Heavy Cruiser
Siege Cruiser
Recon Cruiser

Medical Station Vessel
Medical Evacuation Vessel

Recon Submarine
Assault Submarine
Offensive Submarine
Main Attack Submarine
Fleet Submarine
Heavy Support Submarine
Siege Submarine
War Submarine
Behemoth Submarine


Light Support Battleship
Offensive Battleship
Fleet Support Battleship
Light Weight Battleship
Main Battleship
Heavy Support Battleship
Siege Battleship
Transport Battleship
Flagship (Superbattleship)
War Dreadnought
Airborne Dreadnought
Airborne Siege Dreadnought
Airborne Assault Dreadnought

Light Carrier
Stealth Carrier
Assault Carrier
Main Carrier
Aircraft Carrier
Dragon Carrier
Heavy Carrier
Bomber Platform Carrier
War Carrier
Airborne Carrier

so yah. plenty of ships, plenty of $$$ and lots of firepower.
The navy has grown and evolved over its time since its relied on to be one of the strongest elements of power. And thats thanks to other worlds becoming their own form of military that serve for their home and Realms.

since i can't come up with everything at the moment, i'll just be focusing on other worlds' use of the ships, give a brief presentation of ships of the past, and some legends in action for Realms now.

Monsters of the Seas-
The Realms military has always been proud of its massive and powerful navy. Their floating fortresses of strength could be deployed in mass to completely destroy an enemy, or mortally would them. Thankfully, they have managed to uphold that strength and display of power so Realms would always have a super strength to fall back on if they ever needed. The production of warships and increase the size of the fleet was prioritized when the first battleships were constructed and launched. Because of this program, the navy got both boots in first and always stayed one step ahead of its own time. The currently active navy for Realms consists of well over about 42million active vessels (i'd say its OP but this is a galactic scale here with planets bigger than earth. so yah).

Catching the eye-
The display and show of force and power in one ship can change the sight of a world very quickly. Two worlds in particular that adopted multiple pieces of military and joined the arms race are now just as fierce and respected. Pyrrhia was the first to jump in and become active. since it joined and began fighting its proven that its dragons can easily adapt and become living power-players in an active war. So adding onto the strength makes them all the more effective and ready to slug the enemy harder.

Dreams come to Life-
When the navy was started, it consisted of steam-powered steel ships that would look like an enhanced ironclad from pre-WorldWar1. But from the progressing wars, the needs for larger guns, larger vessels, and specially tasked vessels could not be ignored. What was expected was what exists today.

Zion class Carrier (war carrier) : The biggest carrier to serve today, only 9 of them exist because of their resource requirement and price to build. The carrier is a cross between a battleship, with a heavy carrier stacked ontop of it. The massive carrier wields four turrets with three 19in guns in each turret that are housed on the third deck. Its also built with towers on both sides of the deck, which is big enough to land a Firefly heavy bomber. The carrier holds both dragons and aircraft for all varieties of strikes, and has a Redline Armor belt, allowing it to fight in combat like a battleship and carrier in one vessel. They can remain active for just short of one year.

SB-2 "Royal Crimson" (flagship) : Another record holder for size and strength, Royal Crimson is the result of a naval project started by the Nightwings, that was turned over to the Skywings due to construction time and resources. After nine months in constructing, Royal Crimson was launched as the biggest battleship ever. Its size wasn't all though, the ship is famous for being equipped with the biggest guns that were custom built to fit the ship: twelve, 21.9in guns as a main armament, housed in four turrets. Its said that when the ship fires a broadside, it slides about 6 meters to the side in the water, and can even rock cruisers under its guns, But what was expected of the Royal Crimson was that its size would be massive, resulting in thicker armor, and more engines. The ship is more than up to the task of taking on an armada and having a good idea of winning. The Skywings are proud to have the biggest warship afloat in their navy, but even they know that Royal Crimson will be the only super battleship like it to be built. Because it's the only one, Royal Crimson is treated as a treasure and is taken care of with the best of performance.

BB-207 "Dragonheart" and CV-188 "Dragon Blood" : The two sister ships are regarded as the oldest surviving aces that are related. Dragonheart was as planned, a Riptide class heavy support battleship. Dragonblood on the other hand was a last minute switch. Dragonblood was built to be a battleship, but instead was issued a new order that her frame be fitted as an assault carrier in response to a battle that resulted in the loss of four major carriers. Dragonblood is the only assault carrier to have the hull armor value of a battleship, and survive through a whole war. The two ships both fought through two wars together, before Dragonblood was critically injured and decommissioned to become a floating museum, while Dragonheart continued on a campaign for two more years before being retired as a privately owned ship. Dragonheart is initially still active today and has seen several overhauls to fit in.

CL-S "Morrowseer" and CL-S "TimeLapse" : The two cruisers are the first successful and active cruisers to have effective WAV-cannons on them as a main armament.

Airborn Dreadnought "Silverbird" : The birth of a new type of ship, the Silverbird is actually the second ever airborne dreadnought produced. While its considered shared by the air force and navy both, these new ships are very few in number, but are literally floating ships.
  • Listening to: Some war music or chill...
  • Reading: DA Journals
  • Watching: my life become a lie
  • Playing: WorldofTanks and/or Battlefield1
  • Eating: snak fud!
  • Drinking: Soda or water
In case i haven't already made it so obvious, there is a lot I've put up thus far involving war machines and dragons. I figured i'd give a little more on the dragons for this set up.
As with every big story, its never the same after a critical point. The same goes for the history of Realms.

Before it's strong point, Realms' military was made up of very few dragons to be found, all the heavy lifting was done by humans. A large amount of battles fought were often with over 90% of the force being human. Because the wars were technically on a galactic scale and Realms' military force came from one planet, casualties that went high were both natural and devastating. Funds were also spent more in the construction of basic military needs and not military research, which proved to be a flaw.

-Before their time
When the military's force was more human, only a very small range of creatures were trained and used for war efforts. Most dragons that were used were non military, working with teams that often involved exploration, law enforcement, community support, national security such as Coast Guard, rescue/emergency support, and heavy jobs such as farming and mining. Those that did serve in the military, only served in the air force as combat support or messenger.

-Life away from war
Dragons were found to be useful by either their natural traits or talents in many cases. Large powerful and well armored dragons were often used for heavy work such as construction, mining, and foresting, and in some cases even rescue. Water dragons were favored by the fire department and coast guard, their powerful water blasts could easily beat down a raging fire within minutes, and their swimming capability and speed made them excellent for coast guard rescues; being able to reach a person in a few seconds or even swimming to a ship and evacuating 50 people at a time for the large ones. the idea of the average sized/strength dragon was a universal model. Some that worked on farms were very useful for multiple purposes such as airborne corralling/shepherding, field observation/inspection, shuffling equipment and/or machinery when broke down or stuck, and even as far as to get heavily involved with jobs like airborne crop dusting or surface planting.

-Turning the tides
It wasn't until during and after the Thunder of War campaign that dragons and many other creatures began to rapidly be accepted into the military, and with it, the need for new research was demanded.
After the war ended, the average ratio of death dropped by almost four million, a staggering amount of life saved. It was identified that accepting others to join and stretch even further was going to keep Realms' forces where they wanted: hammering the enemy back.
Dragons began to be adopted into all branches and trained in new techniques; some of them even accelerating rapidly to become intelligently powerful commanders and strategic officers. The change of how fighting commenced added several major bonuses, such as throwing the enemy off entirely with a new fighting style, and bringing up the development of newer stronger gear and tech. When the Tidal War began, the new military force was more than triple its old size, and growing fast. The enemy was overwhelmed by both number and superiority from advances. But they did not take long to respond to this. Not barely 1 year later did a second war occur, the War of Flames and Scales. Remarked as the last of the bloodiest wars, it proved that the enemy could advance and change quickly as well. But Realms had one last token to play. While the war dragged on for its entire 9.3 years, mistakes were closely studied and notes were taken. Dragons began to show they could do more than planned for, which brought the strong point of growing ideas that lead to many a break through for the development of things that were thought to never be achieved.
When the war finally ended, the military's research and development skyrocketed. Building bigger more powerful ships, stronger aircraft, and land equipment. Projects such as the WAV cannon, Redline armoring, crystal generatic engines, advanced electronic assistance and much more were started. projects that would greatly effect the wars to come.

-Services of modern cases
Dragons and many other creatures continue to serve as a basic soldier of the military now, compatible tanks and ships can be operated now by them, as well as much more that wasn't considered before. The advances continue to steadily grow, with something new being introduced at the right time so that Realms is ready as more than a single-planet force for the worst to come.
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le meme stolen from Magical-death-spit (in the middle of the night) who stole it from Oonbility 

I'm insecure about my. . .

[x] smile (if I try it you can’t see my eyes)

[ ]belly

[ ]teeth (I mean they’re bad, but at this point idc)

[ ] eyes

[ ] nose

[ ] hair

[ ] hands

[ ] legs

[ ] arms

[ ] feet

[x] voice (they say its deep, but compared to other males my age, im a high pitch for a glitch)

[x] laugh (I have to fake it to make it half decent, but still comes out odd, but the legit lol is just retarded)

[x] weight (my dimensions are physically impossible)

[x] height (my dimensions are physically impossible)

[x] chest (f*ck off poores and all you ridiculous reactions)

[x] style (yup, im afraid of it)

[x] personality (im an oddball that can snap at random and have two different personalities pretty much)

[x] singing voice (they say I should be bass, but I can’t sing)



I have

[x] ADHD (or so im told)

[ ] ADD

[x] depression (by the ton and more)

[ ] schizophrenia

[ ] an eating disorder

[x] bipolar (so ive been told)

[ ] ocd

[ ] gender dysphoria

[x] anxiety (like hell ive got it)

[x] panic attacks (every hour)

[ ] dyslexia


I am

[x]single (lets keep this ticking time bomb that way)

[ ]taken

[x]Waiting for a miracle (its hard to explain so I wont explain it)

[ ] happy (rarely)

[ ] sad (occasionally)

[x] angry (a rage can break almost every night)

[x] lonely (rip)

[x]tired (get up at 12 and go to bed at 3, yup, im out still)

[x] bored (lol, who wouldn’t be?)

[ ] horny

[ ] hungry

[x] boy (…)

[ ] girl

[ ] transgender ftm (female to male)

[ ] transgender mtf (male to female)

[ ] Genderfluid/Non binary

[x] Alien (that about sums it up)

so, literally unstable as hell. 

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holy shiiiiiiiiiiit
i want to get more active and especally with Realms, but its-
idk where to begin XD
and it doesn't even seem too interesting, tbh. it's probably a mistake to bring it up, but its a little hard, MAYBE others would find it interesting, but idk. the whole idea is a little out the window. all these characters and their templates can't be constructed as planned because, well, its going to be something that i don't think will get positive feedback, if any at all..

And, even Sandshifter isn't complete, he still needs the rest of the details filled in. but its just an issue of "will it be worth it. will it be something to reel in the feedback."
Im interested in results, and how i managed to build Sandshifter so fast was by questions.
In fact, thats how 90% of the characters get off the ground, the only thing thats stopping me is fear.
Reborn-Chan and i have been working on a particular dragon named Tumalo recently for some time now, and she's probably getting the furthest because of all the questions i fill in.

And the reason why im pretty intimidated about uploading all this is because of its elements.
Realms is pretty much made up from what was inspiring, and what dreams make. It was constructed from games, books, and artwork or ideas, then the templates would be taken and thrown together, tweaked in a few places, and pressed to make one big picture...

It MIIIGHT not be sounding so bad if it weren't what it was made of.
The combination is so vast that it stretches the ideas. Combining war tech from 1900s and even modern-ish designs in with mythical fantasy and adventure just to make a sort of powerful, magical, taste to it doesn't really sound so nice as it might be.

the idea of living in a city where dressing up looks as if it were back when you walked around in fancy clothing and a top hat, yet in the same place where you're only a jump away from being in a video game brought to life, or taking one step to the right and finding something from mid evil times right in front of you. even so far as to just look behind you and find a si-fi sort of device.

its not all of it collected, but particular elements thrown together in what is supposed to be the right mixture.
but hey, its a dream right? its something that only comes out of one's head. other will judge if you bring it forward.
i'll put it this way, it sounds ridiculous for the idea: a dragon that can have strap-on attachments for combat like a machine gun + fighting along side a massive warship from 1943 + the technology of advanced light weight armor, deflective controlled energized heat shields and such... its a lot of stuff that SOUNDS like it shouldn't even plug together...

so, idk what to do... lol.
everything might be discontinued or it might be motivated, idk.
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holy shit, this is hilarious as hell

and im tagging Hurricane-Rising rising because he's a pro TF2 spy player
  • Listening to: Some war music or chill...
  • Reading: DA Journals
  • Watching: my life become a lie
  • Playing: WorldofTanks and/or Battlefield1
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Woah. Going through an OC list of characters in action that aren't first me? is there something wrong or is it natural. Idk. Its just me i guess for now.
ANYHOW! figured i'd give a snap-shot at bringing myself to the stage (HOLY SHIZER THAT SOUNDS BAD)

If you want to see the basics of what and why, check out after the mini snippit action scene, because this shot IS showing a power-point to Sandshifter (me), trust me, im not that OP.

“Not if im going to stand in your way you’re not.”
Sandshifter spoke, his voice in a low cold tone before bursting into a swirl of pixels that glowed bright, radiating hues of ender purple and violet before collecting into one massive bright ball-like shape and bursting a second later; a sound of shattering ice and hint of electrical zaps sounded as the pixels disappeared, replacing the boy with a much larger dragon.

“You want them! Come and face me first!” Sandshifter roared.

He stood up and extended his wings, forearms outstretched, teeth and talons bared as a light collection of pixels swirled around his talons as if making a marker around Sandshifter. After a moment he returned to all fours with a loud thump, folding his wings as pixels twirled and swarmed up around his legs. They crawled around his chest, then onto his back and up his neck onto his head as well as down his spine and around his tail before they all faded away.

“Game on.” Sandshifter spoke.

The first five demons attacked, their massive armored frames towering over the dragon. Sandshifter reacted, bolting to one side and jetting venom from his fangs at the feet of one demon. The black acidic venom landed and began to sizzle, causing the monster to roar and lose it’s focus for a moment, allowing Sandshifter to flank it and leap onto it’s back. He scaled the beast’s neck before digging in and whipping his barbed tail around to drive it right through the demon’s jaw, piercing it’s head and infecting it with the tail barb venom.

The other four demons didn’t hesitate and were already rushing him. One swung it’s blade but missed as Sandshifter disappeared and reappeared on it’s shoulder, dragging it down before serving the arm off with both talons and landing two shots with his tail in the beast’s chest. He then climbed up ontop the demon’s back and launched himself into the air, snapping his wings open and climbing higher before banking right, gaining speed.

The fourth demon drew its bow quickly and released an arrow into the air. Sandshifter dipped in the air, dodging the projectile before flaring his wings and flinging himself into a vertical point. As he did so, two shots rang out and the demon stumbled backward. Sandshifter clutched the C96 in his talons, it’s leather holster opened but fastened to his leg. He then swooped down again, tucking his wings in as he power-dived toward one demon. Sandshifter impact the demon, the force of the blow killing it as the last-minute spear-like shield crushed it’s head.

Sandshifter then stood back upright and turned to the last demon before planting his wings into the ground and elevating his forearms, gripping the C96 again and firing once, knocking the monster to the ground. He then extended one forearm and retracted his wings to settle on his back again, still holding the C96 in the other talon, more relaxed now.

So, yah... everyone has their own mythical powerful self, Sandshifter is much more than just the hybrid dragon you see him as a lot.
Sandshifter can morph by will and pixelate a large variety of objects, physical or not as well as teleport. But these don't come without cost.
Sandshifter can't morph rapidly. Only about 9-14 times before tiring him, so he keeps it consistently balanced unless he's power-linked.
Sandshifter can also only teleport a specific range, but can do it rapidly at the cost of weakening/tiring him a great deal unless power-linked.
Sandshifter can wield many weapons including firearms as a dragon, but can only do it effectively if airborne or supported (wings down) making him a stationary target. Granted he can use a DM weapon of some sorts on his back, but he prefers to only use them if necessary, for more flexibility.
Sandshifter can also only take so many hits before his make-shift defenses of some sorts will wear out themselves as well as himself. Doesn't sound like much, but i'll get to explaining it in depth some other time perhaps...

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whoo hoo!


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(im not serious about these)

Facts about me:

  1. My personality can change very violently
  2. I have a fear for snakes
  3. The Browning M2 .50 caliber is a master piece like the BAR
  4. I generally end up staying up till 3 in the morning and waking up around 1pm
  5. Im a dream chaser
  6. Im addicted to naming
  7. My weigh/strength/size schematics shouldn’t even be possible
  8. I find watching a tank’s suspension slither over different objects very soothing
  9. I’m addicted to music and art
  10. Im 20% someone you’d probably enjoy, 80% someone you’d probably regret meeting in life.
  11. My imagination is a little complex, yet works. but I still wish I could invite others to join me.
  12. I tend to collect very different styles of clothing that alternate around.
  13. I just wish I could sleep and never wake again at this point.

Questions posed by Oonbility 

  1. What is your stance on unicorns?

IDK, if I were a dragon, they’d probably be a nice snack.

  1. Would you rather be a furry or a scavie?

Probably furry, since I think I already am one… (but I despise those ones that make “mature” artwork and such. They ruined me. Burn in hell you daft bastards.)

  1. What comes to mind when you hear "hiphop violinist"?

Lindsey Sterling

  1. Explain how four is universal with the number fourty two?

Screw that! *le burns math*

  1. Would you rather inject a horse tranq, speed, or both into one arm? Explain in 3-5 sentences, with no more than 42 characters and double spacing.

Speed, because itd be nice. But im not going to explain this.

  1. Why were we staying in Paris?

To… get away from our parents..? (what??)

  1. Is Miss Jackson nasty?


  1. How much sleep have you had in the last week?

Not a whole lot.

  1. Do you still sleep with a stuffed animal?

On occasion. Meh plushie Ender Dragon, Starlight *cuddles Starlight* (I regret nothing)

  1. What colour is the sole of the the third last pair of shoes you wore?

Brown, if I recall.

  1. Are you hungry?

Yes, but I shouldn’t eat because reasons.

  1. Fav. Ice cream flavor?

Cookie Dough, or Vanilla, or Sherbert

  1. What colour are DoveWing's eyes?

Dove wha?


Ok. My questions:

Do you wear glasses?

Would you rather have the armor of a heavy tank? Or the gun of a Tank Destroyer?

How many do you love?

Who was your first OC?

What’s your first game you played?

From 2016, what was your favorite movie that came out?

Gryphon or Dragon?

If you were in a quest-like game, would you rather be the main character? An important resource/friend? or some non-important NPC?

Morph? or teleport?

Howmany artwork pieces have you made?

Are you an indoors or outdoors person?

Would you rather travel back in time by will but not change anything? Or visit the future once but never remember it when you came back?

Are you ready?

(only 4 this time. you do not have to do the tag if u don't want to)

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this time by Oonbility 
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Guidelines: You must spell out your user and name a song beginning w/ the letter then tag as many people as there is letters!

This is reinforcing the idea that "Starlight" was a better choice than "Starlight-Stereowing."
Here goes!

S – “Sahel’s theme” by Bloodspiller the Nightwing

T – Thunderstruck by ACDC

A – “A taste of freedom” by Antti Martikainen

R – Radioactive (piano version)

L – “Legendary” by Antti Martikainen

I – “Inmate” 4859 by Sabaton

G – “Gott Mit Uns” by Sabaton

H – “Haunted” by Shirk (markiplier’s horror video outro)


T – Troll song >:3

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memememememememe, yes i was tagged. here we go!


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(don’t worry, I don’t take these rules seriously, all you comrades are safe :P)


I was tagged by: LunaTheDragonBunny 


What is your favorite Movie/TV show?

Probably, Fury or War Horse


Favorite Book?

Wings of Fire book 8 :P


Favorite Game?

World of Tanks (you get used to it after the game-rage is gone :3)


Why did you join DA?

It sounded like a new hope for a fun community and a place to start over, I still say that risk was worth it.


What is your favorite thing to draw? (or write about)

I honestly don’t know, maybe just fanfic constructions?


What is your least favorite thing to draw(or write).

General reality stuff that has affected me that I don’t like (idk about putting in details)


What is your favorite subject in school?

Mmm, probably my self-taught study of gun/cannon ballistics and such, military and what not.


My Questions:

What’s your favorite drink?

What did you name your first pet?

What do you like to collect?

Favorite activity/sport?

Where did you go that made you feel the most welcome?

Do you have a dream goal you would like to achieve?

What kind of music do you like?


The tags are (probably not the correct amount but I said I didn’t take the rules seriously :3)
LunaTheDragonBunny (because tagbacks! X3)
(its five because i don't want to make 12 ppl mad)

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Whee! lets go!

So, not much has happened, WoT recently celebrated its 6th anniversary of a game, which is awesome because they gave out some pretty awesome stuff! the sales are still on though, but thats nice!
As for the garage. well, after testing the new tier 9 and 10 light tanks, i have some sandwings and skywings to set off for now. im actually super close to a hand full of tier X vehicles that could help, its the question of getting the credits and affording the vehicles, but the close marked tier Xs are:
-JagPanzer E-100
-FV215b(183) [grinding]
-T110E3 (awaiting for purchase)
-Sheridan (coming soon)
-T100 (coming soon)
-AMX 13 105 (coming soon)

As for currently in the garage, well, you can see i finally purchased the Tortoise to start 'crawling' for the FV215B(183), and i invested in the AMX 13 90 to get a kick-start to the AMX 13 105. I also went ahead and invested in the new Lorraine 40 ton that has come back! after being removed from the french tech tree, the auto-loading medium tank comes back with a new style! a tier 8 HD premium featuring special camo! and i LOVE IT!! Also, Congratulations for Sahel in earning her First mark of excellence! she did it! so that feels good! I bought the Black Prince back while it was on sale to try it out again, and i miss it so much, just like the Covenanter, its such a beautiful tank to play. and to add in a bonus, BP even earned a mark of excellence on the first battle i had when getting it back! unfortunately, Black Prince had to be put under covers for now to get credits for the recovery after the AMX and Tortoise cleaned everything out. So yah!


Other: Im trying to build up more for OC's, its a little difficult but im hopping to construct a thing for some characters i have uploaded here and some that will be soon, on the same basis of how i did Sandshifter. And the plan so far is to bring in or work on the following OCs:
-Dismantle Ignited (Reborn)
-Long Tom
and maybe more down the road. but its a slow work in progress...

also the plan was to introduce some more of Realms and how they "fuse together" with different constructions. So perhaps some new equipment will be shown such as:
-GLOW rifles
-Airborne dreadnoughts
-Various armored vehicles
-Various aircraft 
-The Arena Games

so, levels of cringe are probably going to jump, but this is all a slow work in progress... nothing that will be horribly fast or complete when uploaded.
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so, i was tagged this meme thing from Oonbility 
here goes...

1. Tag at least one other person
2. Tell an interesting moment when you learned something or just a really funny moment
3. Copy these rules

i'll tag: Koiyer MoonfireStars & Hurricane-Rising 

probably the funniest thing i can remember at the moment is when i was playing my cajon at a friend's house and he had gone to get food, i didn't know how to activate the plug-in for my mic and ended up shouting "TURN ME ON!" in the middle of an Instagram live stream. one of those WTF moments.
  • Listening to: Some war music or chill...
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  • Watching: my life become a lie
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