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ok, so, I was tagged by VortexSniper for this and I decided "Challenge Accepted"
BUT I also decided i'd steal it from BloodyTheNightWing as well because its fun to steal from her :3


-1. You have to post ALL the rules


-2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves


-3. Answer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions for tagged people to answer


-4. Choose 13 people


-5. You legitimately have to tag 13 people


-6. You CAN'T say you don't do tags


-7. Tag-backs ARE ALLOWED


-8. YOU MUST DO THE JOURNAL ENTRY! NO COMMENTS! Unless you're talking -ABOUT the Journal Entry


-9. You have to finish within a week. If you don't finish in time, you have to do whatever the creator asks


13 facts about me:


1) I have extremely poor circulation and cannot perform well in the cold that often.


2) I play airsoft around my local area as an armored unit, or runner/support unit. And we literally fight for cookies


3) I have a fond love for firearms and discovering how they work and perform.


4) I’m a ridiculous Wings of Fire fan and a fan of weapons and equipment of war (not a good combo, ik)


5) I apparently have multiple crushes, all of them I know will never come true :3


6) In total, Im obsessed with dragons and thinking about fantasy adventure. (dragons still be best mythical creatures tho!)


7) I love playing PC games, but did not plan to expand very far into them.


8) I personally enjoy the color Ender Purple (not a real color, I know, but go find the ender dragon and ask her for her colors and bam)


9) My physical build and eating-to-energy value is theoretically impossible to happen, but im not natural…


10) I consider a lot of people my friends even though most of them do not know. I just don’t have the gut anymore to tell or ask XD


11)  I can be finicky about music, but love it all the same (unless it’s rap, then I just… plz, nu -.-)


12) Ima very unstable and initially dangerous person


13) I ran out of things to say :3





Questions that I will answer:


1) Coke or Pepsi?
Coke in classic bottles is amazing, but I haven’t had a Pepsi in a while… I’ll go with Pepsi


2) Favorite song?
I have too many, either TwoStepsFromHell’s “Victory” “Cannon in D minor”, F-777’s “Space Battle” or Waterflame’s “Final battle”
Lets just go with Cannon in D Minor for now…


3) Favorite color?
Ender Purple (go to Minecraft, and ask the Ender Dragon, you’ll get the idea)


4) Climbing or swimming?
I physically cannot climb the side of a cliff, but I almost drown about 4 times. Yet I’d go for swimming (starts praying for a seawing to show up)


5) Is this a waste of time?
Depends… for me now? Nah.


6) Do you have a ps4 or a PC?
PC… constantly upgrading it.


7) Sleep in a hammock or floating in a pool?
HAMMOCK (I done slept in one before. #RainwingLife bitch)


8) Does that number look like a face to you?
a mischievous face yes 8)


9) Favorite food?
Um… Pizza? To be safe?


10) Right or left handed?
both actually…


11) Are you tagging random people because you don't know who to tag too?
I’ll tag who I wish


12) On a scale of 1-10, how awesome is Karma from Assassination Classroom?
who? Idk him but I’ll give him a 7


13) Could you please refrain from murdering anyone today?
nope :3 (begins mass murder fest)


Questions that tagged people have to answer:


1) Steampunk fancy you?


2) Favorite song?


3) Favorite book series?


4) Trap or Skeet?


5) Am I boring you?


6) What’s your favorite PC game?


7) Whats your perspective of life like?


8) Do you have a favorite meme?


9) What national branch of tanks from WWI-Vietnam War would you pick?


10) Right or left handed?


11) Are you on Deviant Art right now?


12) How many pushups can you perform with your youngest sibling lying on top of you? (if you don’t have one, comment and you may be entitled to a bonus)


13) Howmany crushes at estimate do you have?

AND NOW FOR THE TAGS! I will be tagging from off the top of my head so lets get to it!

Howmany of you can make it?

While people have their pets, their dogs or their cats;
Some people have snakes, others prefer rats.

They call them their friends, only because of the smile;
A smile these friends bring to their masters' faces for a while.

But I on the other hand prefer an unusual toy:
A friend so big he makes a man out of a boy.

His hide is made of steel, he's four feet in length;
His weight over fifty, but half an inch is his strength.

He allows me to clean him, and do as I please;
Just so long as I'm careful and handle gently with ease.

While others will look, and see a killing machine,:
Some will listen and their opinions may lean.

I tell them he's a friend, a best pal of mine:
He is wonderful to be with, and has a long lifetime.

Yes my friend is a machine gun, Browning's his name;
whether called M2 or Maduce, to him it's all the same.

If I feed him a belt of ammo, he has much to say;
sometimes even chattering with me the rest of the day!

He understands my feelings in a strange style;
sometimes we get mad hot and need to cool for a while.

Other times we can be cold, almost ice to the touch;
so we heat ourselves and talk all day, even its not much.

His strength is in his voice when he speaks to me;
but is gentle enough to not bully me.

Some are afraid of his recoil and such stuff;
but as long as he's mounted, he's more gentle than rough.

He loves me a lot, and I love him the same;
He would let no harm touch me, as is said in his nick-name.

While he cannot move, he will still be with me;
But if its one thing I know, fifty calibers is a beautiful sight to see.
Star bound over and climbed the closest tree. She perched herself on top of a branch above Stronghold, looking down at her with a scowl.
"I'm not going!" the little skywinig yelled again. "If you want me do go, you'll have to get me down from here WITHOUT knocking the whole tree over!"
Star then proceeded to turn around and blow a puff of smoke out at Stronghold.
A steady escalate and descend from Stronghold's engine indicated that the heavy tank was sighing at the little dragon's attempts to outsmart her. Stronghold gunned her engine again and proceeded to pivot in place on both tracks to bring her engine deck beneath the branch Star sat on. The hatchling was now facing the other direction, still acting a storm of smoke. Stronghold traversed her turret around to where the gun reached up above the branch and began to depress. The branch bent over until Star began to fall off, she grabbed hold of the branch and Stronghold put more pressure on the branch. With a snap, the branch broke off and Star landed on her side on the rumbling engine deck of the heavy tank. Star looked up at Stronghold's turret in surprise before grabbing hold of her main gun and grappling to the end to peer inside.
"Hey! can we do that again before we go? that was fun!" She squeaked.
Stronghold blew burnt ash and gunpowder into Star's face, indicating that 'no' was the answer.
The skywing coughed a few times, blowing the ash off her face before walking up onto Stronghold's turret and sitting down to try and wipe her face clean.
The heavy tank gunned the engine again as she began traversing her turret back to the front and started off back for the town.

I'll come out with a profile but the basics are that Stronghold is a Soviet design IS-4 Heavy Tank and Star is a 1 year old skywing hatchling. No one knows how Star ended up being as cherry as a Rainwing or just an "unsmart" as one, but the craziest is that she wound up calling Stronghold "mother" and started following her around. The heavy it's self is still confused as to why the ball of crimson scales continues to think it's a mother, or that it's identified as a "she" to begin with. but since the far more hyper skywing refuses to leave, Stronghold decided to best take care of it...
70+ watchers, thank you so much!!!
I honestly didn't expect to escalate this far so rapidly! this is way awesome!!!
Deviant Art has been a pleasure to be a part if, it's amazing to see all of this amazing artwork daily and see all the positive and encouraging feedback that goes around!

so, yah, I stole it from Rosezuma :3 but before i'm locked away, which one is the lie?
(prepare for random s%#$ :3)

1- I have a friend who painted a mural on my wall

2- I have shot a 25/25 from the 30yard mark (best score in trap)

3- I have a glowing programmable keyboard
yah, so, ima make a list, but I'm not expecting much to be achieved, since most of my OCs aren't even artwork yet and can't be properly explained... i'll try and get charts up soon...

1 - I wish I could get Morrowseer's action scene finished and out, it's been way too long...
2 - artwork of Sandshifter hugging an M2 from Reborn-Chan 
3 - artwork of Sandshifter from Sahel-SandWing (as well as a headshot glow model of him)
4 - artwork of "inverse gloryXdeathbringer" (male rainwing, female Nightwing) by ScarlietNight [details- Nightwing is leaning against rainwing, just below the chin. rainwing is looking down at Nightwing blushing] NOBODY ELSE PAY ANY ATTENTION! :3
5 - artwork of Sandshifter headshot from Redtail1472 
6 - artwork of Centurion 7/1 with the inscription "Dragon" on the side of the chassis and dressed in midnight blue-black and olive green camo, also a "turret-head" character of Centurion 7/1 
7 - artwork of Chaffee, Hellcat and Super Pershing in combat by StubbornEmil  that's all... idk if its anything as big as the other deviants, but it's a try. like I said, idk how much I'm expecting to get done. it's not a requirement.
8 - artwork of battle worn Skywing in armor (with C96) by Shallowpond (C96 reference here… )

I'll try and push out as many details as I can, but if anyone has questions, just send me a message or note! i'll try and answer as much as I can.


hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

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What makes a dreadnaught?

A dreadnaught is built of armor so thick it is impenetrable to the average strike. Armor that keeps it in tact and fighting. Armor that can protect it's self and others.
A dreadnaught also wields fire. Although this isn't the fire that destroys, but that helps and protects, and supports.
A dreadnaught is massive, and can see what others cannot, It can warn others of what's coming. It can detect others in need or foes approaching from far away.
A dreadnaught is also maneuverable. It can position it's self to take fire for others, and can steam out to locate and help another vessel home.
A dreadnaught is very loyal, refusing to give up, even if it says it will. And will not let any vessel smaller than it take fire or be damaged. It will rescue those who need to be rescued, even if it seems like nothing is being rescued.

Now granted, a dreadnaught cannot perform all of the following... but it is more than capable of performing many of these tasks at once. in some rare cases all of them.
But every now and then, a dreadnaught will need a little support to keep it in action. And for a beast like itself, a little moves a lot very far.

We can find dreadnaughts in action all around, although most of them remain hidden. They constantly work, fighting for it's self and others. It is mostly the dreadnaughts themselves who can see their own working about.
Its little details as well that matter to a dreadnaught, every little piece changes so much.

I have seen a surprising amount of people on deviant (and on the wof wiki) who are in fact dreadnaughts; although they either deny the thought themselves, or simply do not realize they are yet. This is why I enjoy coming back to find these great power houses in action, performing wherever they can, whenever they can, however they can. They, and even others who do more than they expect, are unsung heroes.
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this is too long now, I mentioned to Sahel-SandWing a while ago (mid-end summer) that for the collab she and Reborn-Chan did, i'd try and push to get the action out for a whole new and unique battlecruiser (who's sister ship is named after her favorite WoF character... I believe)

anyhow, it probably doesn't matter anymore, but i'll see what I can do. but it someone is interested, you can help by commenting on these issues:
-Should Morrowseer share some of the action from the view of it's dragon?
  -Should the dragon be a scout? a fighter?

-Should Morrowseer be attacked, or attacks first?

-Should Morrowseer perform more destroyer like? (lots of maneuvering, more action) or long-range brawl? (higher detail potential, but less thrilling)

-Should Morrowseer be on a rescue mission or sailing with a large armada?
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hey everyone, so, a while ago I met someone who started watching me who was interested in my 1st OC construct...
She was interested in trying to draw Sandshifter's general idea, and came REALLY close to getting it spot-on! but the really amazing part was it was free!
It was cool to see someone interested in Sandshifter...
but you need to check out her page! she's a really good artist, and by the sounds of it, reads WoF! so she might pick up wof art with enough influence!
anyhow, go check them out and add another to your guys' watch list! Ajilon
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Halloween ART RAFFLE! RESULTS by Natsuakai
seriously, go check it out ^
and watch this guy, he's pretty amazing!
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I don't know how many people read these, if hardly any at all...
but whatever. comment anything if you happen to read this 1st part

I was trying to figure out how to describe things in detail, or put them into action. But I've hit a major block. (also, its hard to catch and hold an idea)
so its a little less likely the devilments of what I want will come out as planned Reborn-Chan 
sorry for the delay

The intended goal was to bring out some of the aerial forces:
-Firefly heavy bomber
-Diamond crested dragons
-Gander dragons
-other dragons
-usefulness and effective value of other "borrowed inspirations"
-equipment and gear

As well as some more ground force:
-R-72 Mk. VII heavy/assault tank
-Different rolls of armor and their unique abilities
-usefulness and effective value of other "borrowed inspirations"

And to introduce some planned for Naval interests
-Lite Cruisers, a new breed (CL's "Time Lapse" and "Morrowseer")
-Zion Carriers, biggest of flattops
-Ships of the line and their unique abilities
-usefulness and effective value of other "borrowed inspirations"

But yah, I guess it's far from those goals, i'll probably end up cutting back from the idea. we'll see how many action scenes I can get out, and how many are actually curious as to what the equipment is.

In the meantime, more planned for World of tanks uploads. but probably not any drawings anytime soon, I haven't been feeling confident after an attempt.
So yah, I haven't posted anything recently due to lack of focus I guess...
I've been taking a break from world of tanks because it's still broken, but I'm hopefully picking back up on it.

Went and played world of warships this morning because I really need to practice maneuvers, targeting and carrier piloting. Finally ground out my New Mexico and got the Colorado! Hello to 16imm guns baby!!

I kind of doubt ill post anything on world of warships yet, since I'm still an officer in training. But I'm hoping I'll get more active with uploading world of tanks! Since I collected the fierce T95, and my little Chaffee (so cute :3) earned a mark of excellence!!

I want to get into the rhythm of drawing more often, and writing more action scenes, but that's gonna take a bit.

Also, a quick thing I'd like to mention, if anyone knows xTheDragonRebornx I found out she had blocked me from a suggestive comment\question I had left on one of her journals... I didn't intend to offend her that much. If someone has the time or would be kind enough to tell her I'm very sorry and  to ask if I could be removed from her block list. I enjoyed her art and even joined one of her live streams to listen to her read, it was fun! But yah, if anyone can do that, I'd really appreciate it.…

Thank you to Wargaming and World of Warships for producing this amazing video.
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my GOSH! this is ridiculously stupid!
the orthodontics said that it would be less than 1 year before all the popping and clicking from jaw surgery would go away!
ITS BEEN PRETTY MUCH 2 DAMN YEARS!! and what happens? the popping won't go away, and my lower jaw STILL locks up FREQUENTLY now! it's getting harder and harder to unlock! we've gone back like, 3 times, and they said nothing was wrong, just a "natural healing process"
BLOODY DAMNED HEAT SHELLS it is getting worse! so I highly doubt they even know what they're doing!
I spent 1 Christmas on the couch knocked out half the time by meds and with my entire jaw strapped shut! (for the first three weeks coughing up blood and through out the cycle having a hard time walking from medical stabilization from the pills) I don't plan on spending another Christmas in that condition! so either figure it out or remove my upper AND lower jaw and replace them with metallic construct!

these friken sons of half-tracks don't even know what happens to their patients!
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yes, I haven't uploaded much recently, hopefully I can catch up and load a truckload of photos.


Sahel-SandWing  has caused two ammoracks and Reborn-Chan and I had the most successful tournament with a pair of Comets!
I will try to upload more photos of tanks! and the name-a-tank is still up! tell your friends if you know someone who wouldn't mind having an armored machine of epic massive destruction named after them :3
thank you all who have watched me! it means a lot, since I'm not really an artist. it's fun seeing all your art and opening up a page to a friendly community! :D
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I'm hoping to start becoming more active...
so, uh, hooray?

As done with Sahel, i'm planning on making game photography and editing for fun pictures I guess.
i'm honestly not sure why I enjoy taking photos of these in-game vehicles, but you know... sometimes it's hard to ignore.
some friends might be having their tanks and their styles posted as well... this could be fun.
However I am hoping to start some sort of fun pick-a-tank! steel champions of the garage that are unnamed now have the chance of achieving YOUR name as their title as winners of the week! tanks in the garage might be limited in number, but new vehicles are always being researched, upgraded, and purchased to join the stronghold of steel brethren!
additional info is optional on the descriptions, but if you're curious to see what the steel beast's performance is, comment! and you can find out!
(as seen, Sahel-SandWing has already named one, even though she didn't choose, or probably know about it's release... but you know, if you find a different vehicle you think is more interesting, you can always have the option to change what tank possesses your name...)

ok, ignoring that... (got a bit carried away)
writing may be slowing down, but i'll try to get to work on a few more things. maybe some random characters and vehicle descriptions/profiles...? Reborn-Chan you know wht I'm talking about.

but, anyhow, uh, I kinda forgot the rest, if there was anything else...

have a good day! :)
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meme stolen from Sahel-SandWing :P lets try it out!

Fire Dragon


[X] you love the heat and the sun (when it’s not 100+)


[ ] you have a fiery temper (used to)


[X] you love to be destructive (taaaaaaaaanks)


[X] you like to play with fire (I got burned on multiple occasions, and love studying flame throwers, and enjoy working with guns which means ammunition and gunpowder, and setting things on fire, and…)


[X] you wish you could breathe fire (Who wouldn't?)


[X] you love adventure (it’s the best thing ever)


[X] you admire fire (with marshmallows)



Total: 6



Water Dragon


[ ] you love to swim (I can’t swim less it be for my life)


[ ] you are calm most of the time (not enough there to make it a checkmark)


[ ] you like to eat sea food (not a big fan)


[X] you like to go to the beach (I live about 1 hour from it, and the cheese factory is amazing)


[X] you wish you can breathe underwater (because aquatic assault dragons sound like boss)


[ ] you love to look at fish (it’s a fish)


[ ] your favorite animal is a type of fish



Total: 2



Earth Dragon


[ ] you love to run (I wish I had the energy)


[X] you are stubborn and fun (yes, and try to be)


[ ] you love wild life (not the biggest fan, but ducks and some birds and other animals are actually fun)


[ ] you hate poachers, hunters and such (I’m a hunter, but I don’t do it that much anymore, but I’m all for against poaching.)


[ ] you have a pet (not anymore)


[ ] you wish you can talk to animals (sometimes)


[ ] you feel sad for beef, pork and chicken (mmm)



Total: 1



Lightning Dragon


[X] You love rainy days (if you catch the right one, it is so full of magic)


[X] you have a hyper personality (It can kick in during airsoft or after I’ve drank about 3 coca colas in classic bottles or orange juice-gingerail mix, 4 sprites, one doctor pepper mini can, and water,)


[X] you love to hear rain and thunder (here comes the artillery!)


[X] you love to go outside when its cloudy and dark (dominating playing field)


[ ] when you hear lightning you feel electrified (how do you hear lightening?)


[ ] you wish you can control storms and tornadoes


[ ] you do things very fast (people will say I’m fast, but I’m real slow)



Total: 4



Air Dragon


[X] You love to daydream and look into the sky (I day dream so much)


[ ] you have a cool personality (HAHAHA. When did I have one?)


[ ] you love to be outside and look up to the sky (I mostly look down at the ground)


[X] you love to feel the wind in your face (riding! Innertubing! Windstorm!)


[ ] you are very aloof


[X] you wish you can fly (who doesn’t?)


[ ] you like birds (a few)



Total: 3



Darkness Dragon


[X] You like night time and the dark (night time war: my advantage)


[ ] you are very sly and evil


[X] you are very naughty (depends…)


[X] you stay up late (best thing to have happen, until you wake up)


[ ] you like evil creatures


[ ] you like to stay in shadows when its day time


[ ] you wish you can control the night



Total: 3



Light Dragon


[X] you love light (yes, but not too bright)


[ ] you are good and careful (it depends who you talk to)


[X] you have good manners (when I have to)


[ ] you go outside into the sun often (I need to spend less time on PC, but joining the airsoft team will help this. So I want to)


[ ] you wake up early (I try to avoid it)


[ ] you love peace (depends on the condition, and who you talk to, again)


[ ] you wish you could control light



Total: 2



Ice Dragon


[ ] you love the cold (I end up yelling in pain so much because I lose circulation from cold)


[ ] you are cold and cruel at times (I see too much of it, I don’t want to be a monster again)


[ ] you hate the heat (IF it’s too hot)




[X ] you love ice and snow (^)


[X] you love playing in the snow (I mean, are these all supposed to be run-ons from question 4? Go back and read its answer)


[ ] you wish you could control snow and ice (shap wif da want for control pwease :3)



Total: 3

looks like i'm fire. sounds alright with me!

 the average gamer is perhaps one of the most empty brains of the world of today. on a basis they believe in only achieving what they want, victory and/or fame. They will use any method possible to achieve this, they may study the field, but only know one team, their own. each mind only thinks for themselves and not the team, desiring to  take all the glory for themselves they leave what is important behind and thus fail. They will continue to try to cheat to win, using illegal or forged mods that give them endless options of greater strength. it's not a strength they deserve, nor actually feature. in their sight they used their minds for tactical genus performance, and deserve to win, but in reality they are only greater failures who desire to wrench victory from others for themselves. they have no victorious battles, they have only forced the game to their advantage using criminal mind set and determination driven by cruelty, hate and jealousy. They continue to mock each other and others, claiming themselves to be better, smarter, more skilled, above all else. one mind will think to it's self as a true champion and a master race, but its a false liar. This is the basic average or experienced gamer.

The true gamer is uncommon, they continue to think outside the box, to see proper strategy, to see a team to fight for, not themselves. They plan tactics at any given time, some even practice. they look for the basic logical answers and openings to strike and succeed, but there is none through a modified cheat. They continue to encourage each other, celebrate what victories happen, and will try again with a direct, yet different approach to the field if they lose. Though these gamers visibly lose more battles because of unplayable conditions, and against criminal mind actions, they are the smarter ones. they continue to rack up more victories with each other and be the hidden victors of the field. they will be winners...

With this comes the question:
which gamer would you decide to be, and which one are you?
the field is set...

Game On.

meme challenge stolen from ThunderGirl45... here we go!

1- Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, and find line 4.

"noise came from the mountain orgs."
from Dragonspell by Donita K. Paul

2- Stretch your left arm as far out as you can. What can you reach?

My WorldofTanks gunnery cap (hat)

3- What is the last thing you watched on TV?

Umm...I forget, I pretty much NEVER watch TV anymore.

4- Without looking guess what time it is.

5:40 pm

5- Now look at the clock. What is the actual time?

5:42 pm
wow! it pays to round to a proper estimation from when you last checked.

6- With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?

My brother dishing some of the mack&cheese I just made moments ago

7- When did you last step outside? What were you doing?

Helping grandpa move some old Cedar wood planks to the barn at the other farm today

8- Before you started this survey, what did you look at?

Riokodragon's version of the survey.

9- What are you wearing?

Grey short sleeve shirt, worn style blue jeans, and a drop holster

10- Did you dream last night?


11- When did you last laugh?

I forgot...

12- What are one the walls you are in?

like, my room walls? just plain walls accept for the painting of the dragon on my bedside wall (north)

13- Seen anything weird lately?

uuuuh... some of my brother's actions? idk. life is strange

14- What do you think of this quiz?

it's a quiz, better than school quizzes

15- What was the last movie you watched? 

Probably, Fury...

16- If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy?

an M56 Scorpion TD, M18 Hellcat, M24 Chaffee, Centurion 5 or 7, Comet, Browning Automatic Rifle M11A3 (BAR model 3) Browning M2 .50 caliber "Maduce"

17- Tell me something about you that I don't know.

I used to play at the Hillsboro Gun club on the Youth Winter Leauge

18- If you could change one thing about the world what would it be?

That I wasn't in it, or that there'd be no porn (that is the worst accidental scar I carry on my soul. I'd burn myself for it to be erased)

19- What do you want to learn in the future?

How to program games and how the basics of other country's weapons work!

20- George Bush:

...Was an awesome president

21- Imagine your first child is a girl, what would you call her?

I don't know... i'd make a horrible father/husband

22- Imagine your first child is a boy, what would you call him?

again, don't know... i'd make a horrible father/husband

23- Would you ever consider living abroad?

I don't consider it :)

24- What do you want God to say when you reach the pearly gates?

I'd be to scared to speak... 
ok, gotta try this out! looked like fun! XD
stolen from Sahel-SandWing and Snoopyetta :3

What is your username?- Starlight Stereowing

Spell it backwards-  gniwoeretS thgilratS

Spell it with your eyes shut- Starlight S57670w9jy (I'm assuming I got my 1st name right, but my 2nd name must be a computer code?)

Spell it with your elbow- Strarl.iolkghngty SDatyereoweing (BOY that was harder than it looked!)

Spell it with your forehead- WS3   56taq25r4tlok i89 hy756tg  SWED3256te34r5t 4f3e49o0 3wes2d489in mbhjgt65y (it' doesn't help that the majority of the keys used in my name are at the top, causing a loot of numbers)

Spell it with your nose- Starlight Stereowing (that's easy... but idk if it's my nose size or the keyboard size... this thing is surprisingly big)

Slam your face into the keyboard- Bvyu89j7ihk (pretty amazing rightight? :3)